Join Us March 2, 3 2018, and experience the Shift
March 2, 3 2018
Shift Justice Conference March 2, 3 2018


When you think of “Modern Day Slavery” what image comes to mind? What questions do you have? The sad fact is that this crime (and it’s many forms) is among the fastest growing around the world and Denver is quickly climbing the charts as one of the most trafficked cities? The average age of children trapped into this industry is 12-16 and most only live for 7 years because of disease, forced drug abuse or violence. Most adults in the metro area aren’t aware that it is happening. We want to create awareness, to equip parents and youth on how to not be a victim. We know that many want to fight, but they don’t know how OR are wondering if their efforts or their support is actually going to where it needs to.

You may ask, how can I (only one person) make a difference? Well one thing that we certainly know to be true is that for anything to happen, in order for change to be real, in order for Hope, Restoration, Grace, Love and Healing to happen there must be a SHIFT in our minds and in our hearts. We also know that for change to become real there really needs to be a SHIFT in our Personal Actions!

Join us Make the SHIFT! There is Hope!


 Modern Day Slavery is REAL

$ 0
The average cost of a slave globally
$ 0 million
Made by local Denver sex Trade industry in 2014
$ 0 Billion
Generated through Human Trafficking annually
0 Million
Slaves globally

We desire and hope that all who come to the conference will make the SHIFT. We want those who are learning about sex trafficking for the first time as well as those who have heard about this crime before to take real and tangible ACTION. It takes intentional action to make a difference. We desire that all who attend will do more than “just talk” about it, but take steps to get involved and make an IMPACT!

You can connect with and collaborate with hundreds of others who desire to get involved. Together we are stronger! This industry is ugly, it’s messy, but our children, the next generation NEED us to stand up with them, to stand up for them and to say “NO MORE”!

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SHIFT is an anti- trafficking conference that was founded by John De Young and 6 Valor Christian High School Students, in April 2016.  The design of this conference is to educate, move, and Shift the hearts and minds of the people in the audience to Action.  That Simple:  SHIFT THE MIND AND HEARTS TO ACTION.  And since the inception of the conference,  there has been an increasing interest from other people.  The interest to bring a change in our community, and globally has grown.  SHIFT is now expanding to other High Schools.  The annual SHIFT JUSTICE CONFERENCE will  be held on March 11, 2017 in Highlands Ranch, CO at the Valor Center.  A full day conference, with it’s primary focus on INFORM the Community, EDUCATE the Community, AND EMPOWER the Community TO PREVENT the Crime.

Equipping the next generation to be involved in something bigger than themselves is the heart of John De Young.  It was in 2008 when John De Young was first introduced to the topic of Human Trafficking, and since then it has weight heavily on his heart for the boys and girls who are in this industry.   John is a teacher and entrepreneur, and has a huge heart for the poor and oppressed Globally.  He launched Momentum Global 2014, a non profit  working in India and Costa Rica working to alleviate sex trafficking and global poverty.   From this organization, and from his over 20 country travels, John has had the sad, but unique opportunity to see the trafficking industry in real form, and meet and interview many young women who are in the industry. One day, when he was teaching his dance students, he mentioned and challenged a young student to create a student based anti sex trafficking conference.  That small short 10 second conversation, launched the whole Shift concept.  And now we are excited for the whole community to come together and ban against the rise of Sex Trafficking.  Make the Shift Today with John De Young and all the High School Students who want to make a difference.

#maketheshift  #shiftjusticeconference



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