27 – 46 million slaves world wide today. 300,000+ shipped into the U.S. every year . In Denver, local children are coerced to “work” at night & are returned to their home in the morning,

Trafficking costs Denver $10 Million+ every year. Psychological & physical abuse lead to violence, drug addiction, disease = breakdown of schools & increased $ need for prisons, police, rehabilitation, etc.

Average age a child is forced into the sex trade is 12 – 14. Precious children either don’t live to be adults OR they become disturbed, fearful, drug addicted. Citizens who will have children and repeat the cycle.

Human Trafficking generates more than $150 Billion annually

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2, 3 2018


SHIFT partners

  • We are thankful for our sponsors and partners! Without their dedication and support this conference would not have been possible. It takes a dedicated team of individuals, organizations and corporations to make a difference to Abolish Human Trafficking and I thank you for your willingness to come alongside us in this fight.   Students, I am tremendously proud of your hard work, late nights, dedication and tenacity to the cause of protecting your peers and taking a stand! Thank you, Momentum Global for funding and supporting this entire endeavor.   Above all we have a sincerely appreciate YOU for investing time to learn about this evil that is in our land and for choosing to Make The SHIFT!

    John Deyoung Momentum.global

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